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Our Story

Family, Heritage and The Future


For five generations, our family has been a steward of the land. South Texas heritage soil is part of our past and is our future. Our venture into hemp farming compliments our established ranching and deer operations and we continue the family tradition of hard work, hands on management, and organic stewardship. 


From the time a hemp seed goes in the ground, until it is used in a consumable product, it is a healer.  Cbd Texas Farms hemp is grown outdoors and indoors depending on the season. Unlike marijuana and medical marijuana, which have  high levels of THC, our hemp is grown for CBD which contains under .3% THC. Our CBD oil is grown to be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements. The seeds are certified hemp seeds approved by the State of Texas. We have implemented a rigorous testing schedule and have been 100% compliant.  Our girls, as we call them, are tested continuously throughout the flower season, are officially tested by a Texas certified sample contractor, and are tested again before leaving our facility. All that to say, we grow it, so we know it!


Once extracted, our oil undergoes several panels of testing for pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents,  density, Cbd and THC content. The final product, whether it be our 20% Full Spectrum blend for our manufacturing clients, or any of our custom formulated products, we test again once it reaches our warehouse. 


Terpex Technology allows our unique and proprietary 20% Grapeseed blend to be solvent free and the most organic oil on the market. Using the plants own terpenes as a solvent, the biomass is not processed using alcohol or ethanol. You can see, taste, and smell the difference. Our oil is being used in national CBD cosmetic and supplement brands, something we are extremely proud of. 


After a successful first year producing hemp to be manufactured into our proprietary CBD oil blend for cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers, we have expanded our operations to include two product lines. 

The LTM boutique Live the Moment CBD product line is available for wholesale, retail, and private label as well as retail stores and online at

Our farm brand is also available for wholesale, retail, private label and online at


For bulk oil sales, wholesale or private label inquiries, please contact 

Kimberly Tijerina

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