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Hemp’n ain’t easy...

or for the weak of heart. Monday night I went and checked the the girls and they were happy in place. They had survived the transplant and were growing rapidly. After about three weeks they were looking healthy and setting down roots. Tuesday morning was a different story. On my morning Walk through I found hundreds of plants dying. To say the least I was devastated. Was it the water? The soil? The transplant? The heat? Nope it was the god forsaken agricultural termite. No one I spoke to could believe it. Experts couldn’t give us a solution. They eat dead things. Not true...they eat the living too. We jumped into action and formulated a plan. Orange peel extract, garlic, and cayenne. We also tried borax and diamacious earth. Our guys Sam Ray and William worked 20 hours straight after I delivered the goods(a 16 hour drive to and fro to get the needed orange oil)

After about a month of fighting them day and night we finally got them under control: they weren’t gone, but it was manageable. Overall we estimate the boogers ate 68% of the crop to death. We have a plan for next season. But man it was heart breaking to see our hard work just die in the field

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