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I rented a uhaul van and the girls and I had an adventure.

After talking to the border patrol and giving them copies of all our paperwork the day before, I had no problem getting through the border patrol check point. I was actually able to talk to them about hemp and how to grow it. They were kind and we laughed about how long that van was going to smell!

Their doggies got lots of attention and play toys for marking the van. It was a 19 hour drive and I was prepared with my audible books and snacks, but I wasn’t prepared for everything...

Let’s just say it is NOT wise to drive in an enclosed vehicle with hemp. Next time a box truck will be our ride.

I was feeling a little fuuuunnny after a few hours. So I drove with the windows rolled down and took frequent breaks. My hair was soooo tangled it took forever to brush it out and my eyes were screaming to get rid of my contacts. I delivered the precious cargo 5 months after we first started in the barn. It was a happy day when I turned the girls in to the extraction company.

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