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Well we started humbly in our old barn.

The greenhouse was still under construction, but we couldn’t wait. We started two different varieties and learned about the nature of the hemp plant and what worked and what totally did not work. Needless to say...we learned ALOT. By the way...DO NOT germinate in trays like the above picture. It doesn’t work. Our next run we did direct into 3 in pots and that worked better. What worked the best was using plug trays. Trust me, don’t make the same mistakes! Verify all advice you get and keep trying!

We are really glad we didn’t start out on the whole 20 acres. It would have been a huge financial hit. Starting small quite literally saved the farm. We lost a lot of plants because our water was too high in PH so we learned to adjust it. We learned about what fertilizers needed to used when and how much to use...and what NOT to use. It was definitely a journey we will benefit from in the future.

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